The Enchanted Circle is a socially and environmentally committed association

An eco-citizen association

The Enchanted Circle is based on a commitment to being socially and environmentally responsible. We believe that the development of vocal improvisation and body music can be facilitated by the establishment of a framework of values.

As a cultural association, The Enchanted Circle works to promote social equity, gender equality, solidarity, local anchoring, preservation of the environment and interculturality.

Social Equity

The Enchanted Circle’s events are open to all. We pledge to uphold the principle of social equity, which so often comes up short in our society when faced with the logistical reality of people with limited financial resources that would otherwise preclude their participation in cultural events of this type.

Le Cercle Enchanté is committed to enabling people on limited incomes to take part in its events by offering accessible prices.

In 2024, Le Cercle Enchanté’s ticket prices were the lowest of all non-subsidised cultural events. In addition, a price scale is proposed to create solidarity between participants. Finally, the association is currently taking steps to obtain public and private subsidies, so that it can offer even more democratic rates.

Gender equality

The world of cultural activities is not exempt from the issue of gender equality.

Le Cercle Enchanté is committed to ensuring the gender balance of its facilitators and artists by systematically including at least 50% women.

In 2024, this objective was achieved. Of the 10 facilitators and artists at The Enchanted Circle retreat and festival, 6 are women. What’s more, in the interests of greater equality, all invited guests are paid the same, regardless of their gender, age or experience.


The Enchanted Circle is a civic association based on the active participation of the people who take part in its activities.

The Enchanted Circle is committed to creating an environment that fosters solidarity, commitment and mutual support.

In 2024, the association is organising a retreat and a festival in which participants enjoy the activities on offer while taking part in the voluntary activities needed to ensure the smooth running of the events. In the spirit of conviviality, The Enchanted Circle retreat and festival are alcohol-free.

Territorial anchoring

The Enchanted Circle works for the development of vocal improvisation and body music in France and with other countries, and is based in the Ardèche region.

The Enchanted Circle is committed to working with local partners and to promoting short circuits and the local economy in order to contribute to the local dynamics.

In 2024, The Enchanted Circle will be renting out its spaces to an association based in the Ardèche, and working with local partners to promote products from the region.

The Preservation of Nature

Le Cercle Enchanté is an eco-citizen association committed to sustainable development.

The Enchanted Circle is committed to proposing a framework that limits our carbon impact for the preservation of nature.

In 2024, the association’s events will offer vegetarian catering. What’s more, participation in these events is conditioned by a strong incentive to use collective and non-aerial modes of transport (car-pooling, train). The Enchanted Circle facilitators and artists undertake not to take a plane to come and go unless they stay 4 weeks in the area before leaving, otherwise they will not be reimbursed for their transport. Finally, selective sorting and composting are organised during the events, with awareness-raising and clean-up teams ensuring that waste management runs smoothly.


The Enchanted Circle works for the development of vocal improvisation and body music in France and with other countries, and for a diversified deployment of the practice.

To this end, The Enchanted Circle is committed to organising international collaborations with cultural stakeholders and organisations sharing the same objectives, and to promoting interculturality.

The Enchanted Circle events are bilingual French/English and ensure the integration of non-French-speaking participants by offering half of its activities in English and providing resource persons in case of comprehension difficulties. Half of the guest faciliators and artists at Le Cercle Enchanté come from international communities involved in vocal improvisation and body music.