The Enchanted Circle is a socially and ecologically committed project.

Framework of values

The Enchanted Circle is based on a commitment to being socially and environmentally responsible. We believe that the exploration of vocal and body improvisation and human connection can be facilitated by the establishment of a value framework.

As a cultural association, The Enchanted Circle works towards social equity, gender equality, environmental preservation and interculturality.

Social Equity

The Enchanted Circle’s events are open to all. We pledge to uphold the principle of social equity, which so often comes up short in our society when faced with the logistical reality of people with limited financial resources that would otherwise preclude their participation in cultural events of this type.

Le Cercle Enchanté is committed to enabling people on limited incomes to participate in its events by offering more affordable rates than are usually available in the cultural sector.

In 2023, the aim is also to offer a scale of fees to create solidarity between participants and to use the money obtained in this way to help participants in financial difficulty.

Gender Equality

The world of cultural activities is not exempt from the issue of gender equality.

The Cercle Enchanté is committed to ensuring the gender balance of its speakers by systematically including at least 50% women.

In 2023, this goal was achieved. Of the 8 facilitators at the Enchanted Circle retreats, 4 are women.

The Preservation of Nature

The Enchanted Circle is committed to proposing a framework that limits our carbon impact for the preservation of nature.

In 2023, this framework is limited to two commitments. Vegetarian cateringon the one hand, and a strong invitation to prioritize the use of public transportation and non-air travel (carpooling, train), on the other


Another strategy to allow a real welcoming of everyone is to promote interculturality.

The Cercle Enchanté is committed to ensuring the integration of non-French speaking participants by offering half of its activities in English and providing resource persons in case of difficulty in understanding.