Registration to The Enchanted Circle 2021 is now open.

Registration procedure

The registration for the retreat is a two-step process, you need to buy two tickets:


The lodging package will all be covered by Trimurti. The first ticket includes accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner) for the whole week.

There are different package options available from 525€ to 1015€ per person.


The second ticket includes the workshops and activities organised by The Enchanted Circle Le Cercle during the week.

A scale of fees is proposed according to your ability to pay. The scale ranges from 280€ to 580€ per person.

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Some details

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites to participate in the retreat?

The retreat is open to all.

Are there any measures related to COVID?

Trimurti and the Enchanted Circle will respect the measures issued by the government at this time of the year.
The retreat will be postponed if one of the following cases should arise:
-If Trimurti is subject to a mandatory closure for a given period of time
-If the restrictive regulatory measures enacted would require the wearing of a mask or the respect of safety distances greater than 4 m²/person during the activities of the retreat

Hos does the lodging package registration work?

Once you filled the registration form on Trimurti’s website, you will received a receipt. This receipt confirms your registration. You will pay on the arrival day.
Please note that the room in which you will sleep is not definitively attrributed. In the form, you choose between several lodging options and Trimurti tries to take into account everyone’s preference if possible. You will receive the confirmation of the room you will sleep in about three weeks before the event.

Can I sleep in my van/camper?

For safety reasons, Trimurti does not allow participants to sleep in their own vehicle.

Can I pitch my tent and sleep in it?

For security reasons, Trimurti does not allow participants to camp in their own tents. However, Trimurti offers in its accommodation options double tipi-tents (with two real single beds) that are already set up on site.

Can I come with my pet?

Pets are not permitted at Trimurti.

Can I smoke in the rooms and/or in the open air?

Smoking is only allowed in the paved areas of the village. It is also requested to crush your cigarettes in the ashtrays and jars provided for this purpose.

Can I sleep outside Trimurti and come only to the retreat during the day?

Out of venue accommodation will eventually be opened as soon as 98 full lodging spots have been reserved.
The price of the retreat ticket will not change as we wish to give preference to people who go to the retreat for the whole week.
Two “half-board” rates will be open:
– Half-day rate (coffee + lunch): 45€/person/day, i.e. 315€ per week.
– Full day rate (welcome coffee + lunch + dinner): 65€/person/day, i.e. 455€ per week.

Can I come to only one part of the retreat?

The retreat is residential and with a lodging package from the first day to the last day of the week. Some “out of venue accommodation” spots are open, see previous question.

Can I have my participation paid for by Afdas or another organization?

In principle, no. Legally, Le Cercle Enchanté is an association and not a training organization. The association is classified in “culture, practices of artistic and cultural activities”, please check if it is possible in this case to obtain funding support.

Can I come with my child?

The presence of children on the site is subject to a request for permission from Trimurti and Le Cercle Enchanté. The answer depends on the number and the age range of the expected minors and the adults who commit themselves to supervise them during the whole stay.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Picnics and bringing outside bottles and alcohol are prohibited. Trimurti provides a catering service and a bar will be open every night of the week.

Can I have a catering service adapted to my diet?

Trimurti offers a catering service in the form of a vegetarian buffet with vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free options. In the registration form we asked you to specify your diet, as much as possible we will check with Trimurti how to offer you an adapted catering.


If you have any questions regarding the retreat registration process, please do not hesitate to contact us via this form.

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