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Answers to the frequently asked questions

Are there any prerequisites to participate in the retreat?

The retreat is open to all. Everyone is welcome, all levels, all voices, all bodies, all genders (or non-genders), all humans!

Can I sleep in my van/camper?

Yes, but the number of places for this option is limited.

Can I pitch my tent and sleep in it?

Yes, but the number of places for this option is limited.

Can I choose who I sleep with in my shared room?

In the registration form, it is possible to mention people with whom you would like to share your room.

Can I come to only one part of the retreat?

The retreat is residential from the first day to the last day of the week.

Can I come with my pet?

Animals are not allowed on the Présence à soi et au monde website, sorry!

Can I come with my child?

The Enchanted Circle is not closed to children. However, the retreat, as inclusive as it seeks to be, does offer activities directed towards adults. The workshop process takes into account how an adult understands and uses information, and this is not necessarily the same for children. There is also no one to look after the children during the activities. Your child is welcome if he/she is able to be independent when you are doing the Enchanted Circle activities or if he/she is able to join the activities without disturbing them. It is possible to come with a carer, in which case the carer will only have to pay for the accommodation without the activities included. You can make a request by writing to the Enchanted Circle address:

Do I need to bring my own sheets and towels?

Sheets, pillowcases and blankets are provided by Présence à soi et au monde. It is necessary to bring your own toiletries (towels, soap, toothbrush, etc.)

Can I pay in instalments?

It is possible to pay in one or four instalments via paypal.

Can I get a discount?

There are different rates depending on the accommodation option you choose. In addition to these rates, a very limited number of reduced-price places are available at the time of registration. Once these places have been booked, it is not possible to request a discount other than by choosing the cheapest accommodation option. The Enchanted Circle already offers relatively advantageous rates given the number of facilitators and the quality of the Présence à soi et au monde service. It would not be economically viable to offer more discounted fares.

Is proof required for the discounted place?

No proof of entitlement is required, just the knowledge that there are a very, very limited number of discounted tickets available and that if you buy one of these tickets you really need it!

Can I have my participation paid for by Afdas or another organization?

In principle, no. Legally, Le Cercle Enchanté is an association and not a training organization. The association is classified in “culture, practices of artistic and cultural activities”, please check if it is possible in this case to obtain funding support.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Cannelle and Fabien will be our cooks during the week. They will do the shopping, plan the meals and run the kitchen. In the spirit of doing things together and because they agree to come and cook for a small fee, each participant will help them cook one meal during the week.
For those who find this kind of collective organisation difficult, it is possible to prepare your own meals. Bear in mind, however, that there is only one kitchen and that the kitchen teams of the different meals will have priority in using it.

Can I eat meat and fish on site?

Présence à soi et au monde in its entirety is vegetarian, without meat or fish.

Can I have meals adapted to my diet?

Cannelle and Fabien will be our cooks during the week. They will do the shopping, plan the meals and run the kitchen. At the time of registration, in the registration form, you can mention the particularities of your diet. These will be taken into account when organising the meals.

Can I smoke on the site?

The only space allowed for smoking is “The Pipe Place” located at the bench under the tree in front of the boiler room in the entrance car park.. It is also requested to crush your cigarettes in the ashtrays and jars provided for this purpose.

Can I drink alcohol on site?

Présence à soi et au monde is alcohol free. The use of drugs and psychotropic substances is also prohibited on the site.

More questions?

If you have any questions that are not already answered in the FAQ, please feel free to contact us via this form.

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