The Enchanted Circle is a project that explores voice and body for the expansion of musical and a cappella improvisation and human connection.

What is

The Enchanted Circle?

The Enchanted Circle was born from an experience. An immense joy felt in an unforgettable musical moment: my first circlesong. At the origin of The Enchanted Circle is the discovery of vocal improvisation, this practice between voice, body, connection and communion. This experience gave rise to a very strong desire to do it again and to connect with people who are also carried away by the joy of improvisation.

The Enchanted Circle offers time-spaces for explore voice and body in the service of musical and a cappella improvisation and human connection. These time-spaces are also a framework for living together and connecting within an ephemeral collective.

This year the Enchanted Circle is focusing on a single event: a week-long retreat at Présence à soi et au monde from 23 to 30 July 2022.

Photo credit : Clément Airiau


The Enchanted Circle explores a double dynamic: the mixture of a cappella music and a certain quality of presence to oneself and to others.

Connecting through music: Vocal and body music stimulates a communicative joy in us that promotes interpersonal understanding. Playing with the body and the voice unites us!

Music through connection: living together, cooking collectively, relating as a group stimulates in us a particular creativity that favours the emergence of a somewhat sacred musical experience. Being together and doing together creates beautiful melodies!


The Enchanted Circle aims to bring together as many people as possible in a variety of vocal and body practices that have in common the exploration of musical and a cappella improvisation and human connection.

Everyone is welcome, all levels, all voices, all bodies, all genders (or non-genders), all humans!

Crédit photo : Ievgeniia Prytula

Photo credit : MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma for Circlesinging Roma


In the background, an aspiration: that of contributing to life and participating to build a world in which we want to live.

By offering an experience that combines vocal and body music with human connection, Le Cercle Enchanté contributes to:

  • Promoting the well-being and development of every human being
  • To develop the ability to live with respect for oneself, others and the environment.

As a result, the association contributes to preventive health care, supports the quality of social ties, promotes culture for all and encourages respect for the environment.