The Enchanted Circle is a project that explores the relationship to oneself, to others and to the group in the form of workshops that combine vocal and body music, understanding and practice of dialogue, and self-awareness.

What is

The Enchanted Circle?

The Enchanted Circle was born from an experience. An opening of the heart felt in an unforgettable musical moment. This experience was repeated in other contexts quite different from one another. It gave rise to a quest: understanding the components that enable this experience to happen and sharing them in order to live this and cultivate this very strong human connection .

The Enchanted Circle proposes ingredients and creates spaces for the magic recipe of this experience. The intimate connection to oneself, to the other, to the group and to nature, the expansion of the body and consciousness, and the celebration of the living, are at the heart of the project.

This year the Enchanted Circle is focusing on a unique event: a week-long retreat in Trimurti from August 1 to 8, 2021.

Photo credit : Clément Airiau


The Enchanted Circle explores a double dynamic: the mix of music and a certain quality of presence to oneself and to others.

The connection through music: music seems to stimulate in us a communicative joy that fosters interpersonal understanding.

Music through connection : when the focus is on creating resonance and synergy within a group, both the individual and collective musical experience seems to be intensified.


The Enchanted Circle provokes the encounter through the practice of various vocal and bodily disciplines, and the creation of group dynamics centered on the development of individual autonomy and collective interdependence.

The objective is to allow both musical, corporal and human development of the individual and the collective. It is based on workshops combining music, understanding and practice of dialogue, and self-knowledge.

Crédit photo : Ievgeniia Prytula

Photo credit : MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma for Circlesinging Roma


In the background, an aspiration: that of contributing to life and participating to build a world in which we want to live.

To experiment and to germinate seeds of consciousness to give us the desire to cultivate this quality of presence on a daily basis and to transmit it around us through music, dialogue or, better yet, both.