Partners of the Enchanted Circle

Graphic designer: logo 2023

Murielle Lô

Murielle Lô is a graphic designer, illustrator and recent animation film director. She loves beautiful images, colourful arrangements and meaningful projects. From monumental mosaics in the public space of Brussels, reportage drawn during events, illustrations for the press, comics, or even logos, Murielle likes to invent and reinvent herself with each project.

Her work is here:

Graphic designer: logos 2020-2022

Coline Sauvand

Coline grew up building cabins in the wood in the Cévennes and still does she! She studied art and applied arts in Brussels and is now a freelance illustrator, facilitator and graphic designer in Brussels. Do not hesitate to contact her for a collaboration, to take an order or to ask for some advice, your move!

To know more about her work:


Abdul Karim (AK) Sangari

AK is specialised in personal development, team management and mental management. A chameleon, he can adapt to any type of audience and has been awakening the possible for over 12 years (baogroup)! Passionate about the movement of music and dance, he coordinates the Soundsitivestudio structure which accompanies several audiovisual production projects. He is also the managing director of the structure As en danse studio, a dance school that welcomes about a hundred dancers each year in its programme.

To know more about her work: