Participatory festival

The Enchanted Circle is a participatory festival in which participants are invited to take part in all aspects of the festival, including the organisation 😉


Two food trucks and a chef will be on hand to offer a choice of 3 different dishes at each meal. In the spirit of doing things together, participants will be responsible for washing their own dishes. Breakfasts will be self-catered. Everyone will bring their own morning food.

Photo credit: Abdul Karim (AK) SANGARI

Collaborative organization

Over the course of the week, each member of the group will have a small role to play to enable the group to function as a collective (composting role, broom role, decorating role, tidying up role, etc.). So everyone will play an active part in the festival!

Break from workshops

So there will be times during the week when some participants won’t be taking part in the activities to carry out their little collective task 😉

Photo credit: Abdul Karim (AK) SANGARI

Photo credit: Abdul Karim (AK) SANGARI

Shared materials

Présence à soi et au monde will provide us with basic materials for the activities, but we’ll also be pooling various small items that some people bring along (floor mats, blankets, cushions, extension cords, etc.).


The festival is bilingual French/English. Practical information will always be given in both languages. The workshops/concerts will be given either in French or in English, or in both languages, depending on whether or not the teacher-artist chooses to be translated. Half of the invited guests are French-speaking and half English-speaking.

Photo credit: Abdul Karim (AK) SANGARI

Photo credit: Abdul Karim (AK) SANGARI

Playing without understanding

Coming to the festival is a bilingual experience, in the knowledge that if you don’t speak both languages, there may be times when you simply have to follow the flow without relying on an oral understanding of what’s going on!