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After years of dreaming about it, the Enchanted Circle project is born and with it its first event: a retreat that will take place in Trimurti in Cogolin in the South of France from August 1 to 8, 2021!

People who resonate with the event, the team and the values that the Enchanted Circle embodies can support us by making a small donation.

Photo credit : Robin Beumier

What is

The Enchanted Circle?

The Enchanted Circle is a project that explores the relationship to oneself, to others and to the group in the form of workshops that combine vocal and body music, understanding and practice of dialogue, and self-awareness.
The expansion of the body and consciousness, and the celebration of the living, are at the heart of the project.


Supporting the 2021 Retreat

The objective of the retreat is to provide its participants with a unique week-long residential experience with 13 facilitators and about 100 participants.

Multiple activities will be explored to achieve this goal: circlesongs, spontaneous singing, conscious communication, dance, body percussion, meditation, yoga and many others.

Supporting the values of the Enchanted Circle

More broadly, whether you intend to participate in this experience or not, your contribution naturally supports the values conveyed by Le Cercle Enchanté, many of which seem to be lacking at this time:
– social equity
– gender equality
– the preservation of the environment
– interculturality

Supporting the participation of the less fortunate

In order to allow less fortunate people to participate, we have chosen a minimum teaching cost considering the number of facilitators. In addition to registrations, our funding strategy relies on subsidies and on individual donations to enable the event to take place in the best possible conditions.

The money received allows us to propose even lower rates. Here is what we would like to offer:
A dozen spots at a particularly reduced rate: all-inclusive retreat price 600€.
Two free places (including the lodging package and the retreat ticket)

Your contribution will strongly support the accessibility of the Enchanted Circle for the greatest number of people and social equity, a key value of the project.

Support the organization team

The money received gives us the physical and mental comfort we need to offer participants a valuable experience.

Here is what we would like to do with it:
defray a volunteer photographer who will take pictures of the event
to defray helpers who will give us a hand during the retreat.

Even the smallest donations will go straight to our hearts and we will not fail to thank everyone.

If you are not able to contribute in this way, it is already precious to know that you are reading us. And if you want to help further, you can also share about The Enchanted Circle retreat to your friends and family who might resonate to this.

Thank you very much

for your donation

Take good care of your enchantment and until we can celebrate life together, we wish you all the best!

Camille, Gaël, Tatiana, Yasmine
for the Enchanted Circle 2021 Retreat

Crédit photo : Ievgeniia Prytula