The Enchanted Circle

24-30 July 2023

31 July – 6 August 2023



– France –

2023 Retreats

Photo credit: Abdul Karim (AK) SANGARI


A team of 8 facilitators making offerings at the crossroads of music and human connection


A week of varied activities around vocal and body improvisation: circlesongs, vocal improvisation, dance, body percussion, co-improvisation, meditation, yoga, sound massage…


Présence à soi et au monde, a beautiful centre for a bilingual French/English residential retreat


The ticket office of the 2023 retreats of The Enchanted Circle is closed. The 2023 retreats are complete! It is possible to register on the waiting list by clicking on the button below.

Photos credit: Abdul Karim (AK) SANGARI

What is

The Enchanted Circle?

The Enchanted Circle creates spaes to explore the voice, the body and human connection in a cappella musical improvisation.
Sharing music and living together are at the heart of the experience. For the pleasure of getting together and the joy of creating together. And to give oureselves a time of connection within an ephemeral collective.

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